How To Modify a Users SIP Address

Description: The following is the basic step to modify a user SIP address within Lync 2010. Modify via Lync Control Panel: Log on to LCP and look up the user Highlight the user and click […]

How To Check Lync Federation Connections

Description: The following is a basic step on how to view the active TLS connections you have on your Lync Edge server to a federated partner. Log into a Lync Edge Server Open up Performanace […]

How To Export & Import Lync Contacts

Description: **** Note: this is outdated and was used for Lync 2010.  Lync 2013 would utilize Update-CSUserData command which there are many other blogs already created with the process. *** This is the basic method […]

How to Enable an Account for Lync

Description: This is the basic method of how to enable a Lync user within the Lync Control Panel. Open up the Lync Control Panel Click on “Enable user for lync server” to enable a new […]

How to Create a Bandwidth Policy and Assign to a Site

  Description: Bandwidth Policies are a method of controlling the bandwidth used for Audio and Video calls within Lync at specific sites. Create a New Bandwidth Policy Open up the Lync Control Panel and browse […]

How To Add A Federated Domain

Open up the Lync Control Panel Click on External User Access on the left menu Click on the Federated Domains tab Click on the New button and select Allowed Domain Enter the domain name *Note: […]