We couldn’t start your video

Description: When attempting to initiate video in a Lync call you receive the following error message: “We couldn’t start your video.  Your camera isn’t setup, or you’re already using it.  You can set it up […]

SCOM: How to Increase RTCLOCAL;msdb SQL Database sizes

Author: Jeff McBride Description: The following SCOM Alert states a database is running out of space on a Lync server.  The variables that may be different for each alert/server will be the File Group, Database […]

How to use (and force) Lync Web Client

Author: Jeff McBride Description: The following is the method on how to use the Lync Web Client on an environment with computers that have the Lync thick client.  This can be useful when the Lync thick […]

Config Response Group to Forward to External PSTN number

Configuring Response Group to forward to External PSTN telephone number(Potential failers) Author: Jeff McBride Situation: When you enable a response group’s queue for “Enable Queue Time-Out” and set the call action to “Forward to telephone […]

How To View Local SIP UCCAPI Lync Client Log Files

Description: This is the basic process of opening a users local SIP UCCAPI logs within Snooper to use for analysis.  Snooper is a valuable tool to help diagnose SIP traffic between clients and servers. Snooper.exe […]

Unable to Search in the Lync Address Book

Description: The user is unable to search for a contact in their Lync Address book (search field) by username, Last name or First name. However the search works normally if user searches by SIP address. […]

Troubleshoot Lync Client Login Issues

Co-Author: Vijay A. Description: This article goes over a walk through of several basic troubleshooting steps for reasons why a Lync client won’t log in.  There are about a billion reasons why Lync may fail […]

SCOM Notification: Sends Outstanding

SCOM Notification: Alert: The number of messages that are currently present in the outgoing (send) queues. Source: LS Access Edge Component [ServerName.Domain.com] Path: ServerName.Domain.com Last modified by: System Last modified time: 4/16/2012 1:28:11 PM Alert […]

Out of Office Not Syncing with Lync

Description:  A user has enabled Out of Office within Outlook but Lync does not reflect the status in presence.  The fix is to rebuild their local Lync profile. Resolution: Verify Out of Office is in […]

Unable to Send IM but Able to Recieve From a Federated Contact

Description: The issue was that an internal user was not able to send messages to a federated partner but they could receive messages as shown below. User receives error: When contacting your support team, reference […]