Exchange Auto Attendant Doesn’t Play Custom Message

I won’t waste time with screen shots for this one. Problem: I had an issue where I added a custom .wav message to the Main Menu Prompt within an Auto Attendant in Exchange 2010 (It […]

Bootstrapper Fails on Lync 2010 Front Ends

I ran into a significant issue that I found no reference to anywhere on google or bing, or even within MS internal notes.  The issue was that I couldn’t run bootstrapper.exe on many different Lync […]

Attack of the Inconsistent & False-Negative TMG Test 404 Error

Description: Within an environment that uses a Microsoft Forefront TMG array as the reverse proxy for Lync 2013 and Office Web Apps I had an error flag when testing a web publishing rule.  This specific […]

DigiCert High Assurance EV Root CA FAIL

This weekend some of my team members (Chris Lehr) at ExtraTeam experienced an issue with Lync services not starting at random which was caused by an issue with DigiCert’s SSL  cert chain.  I then personally […]

!! [ERROR] Rejecting call from UnRecognized Source address

This article is another one spawned from running into an error that google  nor bing had any useful result on.  Therefore, this is now something which is better than nothing. While migrating an AudioCodes Mediant […]

Mystery Of The 12 and 00 Number Prefix

This is a quick FYI if you’re troubleshooting an odd number manipulation issue on a AudioCodes Mediant 1000 device.  I had a situation where “12” was automatically being prefixed to incoming numbers and “00″ was […]

Polycom BToE Hates My USB Audio Device

Description: When opening Polycom BToE (Better Together over Ethernet) Connector to sync with a Polycom VVX 600 I was prompted with both of the following alerts: “Polycom BToE Connector failed to configure the PC’s default […]

Error Updating RGS Agents Post User SIP Change

Description: Several agents within a response group, group had their SIP address modified and when attempting to re-add their updated account the following error message appeared: Cannot insert duplicate key row in object ‘dbo.Agents’ with […]

Federation with O365 Domains Fail

Description: I’ve come across issues when using Lync 2010 on-prem environments and permitting federation to O365 domains.  Originally I was able to set a O365 domain, ie; as an Allowed federated domain and not […]

Response Group Forward Disconnects

Description: The issue here was in a Lync Response Group (IVR) there was a desired option to forward to an external PSTN number.  For this we setup a queue that had time-out enabled and to forward […]