How To Export & Import Lync Contacts


**** Note: this is outdated and was used for Lync 2010.  Lync 2013 would utilize Update-CSUserData command which there are many other blogs already created with the process. ***

This is the basic method of exporting and importing Lync user contacts utilizing DBImpExp.exe.  Note: when you run dbimpexp.exe it re-indexes your entire user database.  Depending on your environment you may want to perform this after normal business hours to prevent potential impact.

  • Open up the Command Prompt with Run as Administrator
  • Browse to the (default) following path that holds DBIMPEXP.exe :
  • C:\Programs Files\Common Files\Microsoft Lync Server 2010\Support


Run the following command

Dbimpexp.exe /hrxmlfile:C:\Install\Jeff_Contacts.xml / /SQLServer:SQLServerHostName\SQLServerInstanceName

NOTE: The parts in RED are the variables. You can enter any location to export the .xml file to and will be using the SIP address of who’s contacts you are exporting.



Run the following command

Dbimpexp.exe /import /hrxmlfile:C:\Install\Jeff_Contacts.xml / /SQLServer:SQLServerHostName\SQLServerInstanceName


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