Exchange Auto Attendant Doesn’t Play Custom Message

I won’t waste time with screen shots for this one.


I had an issue where I added a custom .wav message to the Main Menu Prompt within an Auto Attendant in Exchange 2010 (It imported fine and I verified the .wav properties were correct).  However, I continued to hear only the default lovely Microsoft ladies’ voice saying: “Use the keypad to spell the name of the person you’re calling”.  The AA would never play the custom message I loaded.


This AA was setup to only allow directory lookups.  What I concluded was until you add a Key Mapping the AA will never have a “Main Menu” in order for the .wav file to play that’s added to the “Main Menu Prompt” greeting.  Since the customer did not need any key mappings I created a dummy one.  For example, I create #9 was set to replay the AA.


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