Mystery Of The 12 and 00 Number Prefix

This is a quick FYI if you’re troubleshooting an odd number manipulation issue on a AudioCodes Mediant 1000 device.  I had a situation where “12” was automatically being prefixed to incoming numbers and “00″ was automatically prefixed on outgoing numbers.  As an example in the syslog:

PhoneNumber::AddPrefix – Number change from 13334445555 to 213334445555
PhoneNumber::AddPrefix – Number change from 213334445555 to 1213334445555

Additionally, I validated there were no number manipulations set.  The final culprit was the attribute, “ADDNPIANDTON2CALLINGNUMBER“.  This was currently set to 1.  After setting it back to 0 (the default) within the AdminPage, the 1 nor 2 were still being prefixed to incoming or outgoing numbers.

Hopefully this prevents you from spending too much time looking for a magic manipulation rule that doesn’t exist.


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