SCOM: How to Increase RTCLOCAL;msdb SQL Database sizes

Author: Jeff McBride


The following SCOM Alert states a database is running out of space on a Lync server.  The variables that may be different for each alert/server will be the File Group, Database and SQL Instance.

Alert: File group is running out of space
Last modified by: System

Last modified time: 6/21/2012 9:11:38 AM Alert description: The file group “PRIMARY”  for the database “msdb” in SQL instance “RTCLOCAL” on computer “” is running out of space. See knowledge section for more details.

1.       Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio locally to the server servers or remotely from your machine/tools server.

  • Connect to the server and SQL Instance listed in the alert
  • Use the format: ServernameFQDN\SQLInstance as show below


*NOTE:  If you’re unable to connect you will need to create a new Firewall rule on the listed server and open the following ports:

I.        TCP:  1434, 51255

a.       Name as SQLBrowser  or whatever strikes your fancy


II.      UDP:  1433

a.       Name as SQLBrowser2  to be very creative.



2.       Go to the properties of the database noted in the alert

3.       Select Files in the menu pane

4.       Take note of the Filegroup listed in the alert and its Initial Size (MB) setting


5.       Increase the Initial Size (MB) by doubling the amount that’s currently listed

  • 13MB would become 26MB (This KB felt like rounding to 30MB).


6.       Click OK

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