How to use (and force) Lync Web Client

Author: Jeff McBride


The following is the method on how to use the Lync Web Client on an environment with computers that have the Lync thick client.  This can be useful when the Lync thick client is having log on issues and you need another way to gain remote access to the user’s PC.

1.      As a troubleshooting step, create an online meeting within your Outlook profile

a.    ie:

2.      Append ?sl=1 to the end of the online meeting link.  (This will force the Lync Web App/Web Attendee to lead instead of the Lync thick client if installed locally).

a.     ie:

3.      When an End user clicks on this link it will prompt them to use the web browser or download and install the Lync Attendee


4.      For the easiest setup have the user click on “Join the meeting using your web browser

5.      Have the user select “Join as a guest” and enter their name then click Join Meeting.


6.      *Note: the user will see the following screen until you permit them into the presentation

7.      As the meeting host/presenter you will need to click on Admit to permit them in the meeting

8.      Once you admit the user into the meeting promote them to a presenter by right clicking on their name and selecting “Make a Presenter


9.      The Guest User can now share their screen for assisted troubleshooting.


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