How To View Local SIP UCCAPI Lync Client Log Files

This is the basic process of opening a users local SIP UCCAPI logs within Snooper to use for analysis.  Snooper is a valuable tool to help diagnose SIP traffic between clients and servers. Snooper.exe comes part of the Lync/OCS resource kit, which if you don’t already have you can download here. It’s a self-executable so you do not need to install it, just copy Snooper.exe to a client or server you intend to view the log files of and run it.

On a Windows 7 client PC the log file to open from within Snooper is located in the following path:


*Note: Every time Lync logs in it will over-write this file so you can only view the data that’s occurred since its current log in.

Also view the ms_diag.html file to view the number code descriptions that are used in the results.

Once you have it opened, select the Messages tab and it will be laid out like a Network Trace. From here you can see the SIP connects inbound and outbound to this client.


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