SCOM Notification: Sends Outstanding

SCOM Notification:
Alert: The number of messages that are currently present in the outgoing (send) queues.
Source: LS Access Edge Component []
Last modified by: System
Last modified time: 4/16/2012 1:28:11 PM Alert description: Perf Object Name: LS:SIP – 01 – Peers Perf Counter Name: SIP – 017 – Sends Outstanding Perf Counter Value: 1001
Verification of alert:

  • Sign onto “” (the server that flagged the alert)
  • Open up Performance Monitor
  • Add the LS:SIP – 01 – Peers >> SIP – 017 – Sends Outstanding counter and be sure to select {All Instances}
  • Verify the _Total count is still in a high count and that the alert didn’t auto-resolve
  • Browse down through the instances to isolate if it’s one connecting server or many.
  • For this example we can see that the high queue count is isolated to a single domain. From here you know who you would have to work in order to isolate the cause.  Their side may be under going maintenance of have network issues with their Lync environment.  Or your company could not even be enabled to federate with them and this is end users messages timing out.
  • If it’s isolate to a single domain and all others appear fine you can rest calm knowing your environment is probably alright until the next SCOM Alert.

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