Search Specific Lync Phone Number(s)

Any Lync admin that manages enterprise size environments will frequently find the daily need to search a phone number and figure out what it is.  Or you could search part of a phone number and […]

Get Lync Assigned Numbers v4.1 (Improved)

I’ve made some improvements to the original script that gathers all actively used numbers based on a Site ID posted to this page.  To summarize it pulls the LineURI from any Lync account type that […]

Exchange Auto Attendant Doesn’t Play Custom Message

I won’t waste time with screen shots for this one. Problem: I had an issue where I added a custom .wav message to the Main Menu Prompt within an Auto Attendant in Exchange 2010 (It […]

Bootstrapper Fails on Lync 2010 Front Ends

I ran into a significant issue that I found no reference to anywhere on google or bing, or even within MS internal notes.  The issue was that I couldn’t run bootstrapper.exe on many different Lync […]