How To View Local SIP UCCAPI Lync Client Log Files

Description: This is the basic process of opening a users local SIP UCCAPI logs within Snooper to use for analysis.  Snooper is a valuable tool to help diagnose SIP traffic between clients and servers. Snooper.exe […]

Unable to Search in the Lync Address Book

Description: The user is unable to search for a contact in their Lync Address book (search field) by username, Last name or First name. However the search works normally if user searches by SIP address. […]

Troubleshoot Lync Client Login Issues

Co-Author: Vijay A. Description: This article goes over a walk through of several basic troubleshooting steps for reasons why a Lync client won’t log in.  There are about a billion reasons why Lync may fail […]

SCOM Notification: Sends Outstanding

SCOM Notification: Alert: The number of messages that are currently present in the outgoing (send) queues. Source: LS Access Edge Component [] Path: Last modified by: System Last modified time: 4/16/2012 1:28:11 PM Alert […]

Out of Office Not Syncing with Lync

Description:  A user has enabled Out of Office within Outlook but Lync does not reflect the status in presence.  The fix is to rebuild their local Lync profile. Resolution: Verify Out of Office is in […]

Unable to Send IM but Able to Recieve From a Federated Contact

Description: The issue was that an internal user was not able to send messages to a federated partner but they could receive messages as shown below. User receives error: When contacting your support team, reference […]

How To Modify a Users SIP Address

Description: The following is the basic step to modify a user SIP address within Lync 2010. Modify via Lync Control Panel: Log on to LCP and look up the user Highlight the user and click […]

How To Check Lync Federation Connections

Description: The following is a basic step on how to view the active TLS connections you have on your Lync Edge server to a federated partner. Log into a Lync Edge Server Open up Performanace […]

How To Export & Import Lync Contacts

Description: **** Note: this is outdated and was used for Lync 2010.  Lync 2013 would utilize Update-CSUserData command which there are many other blogs already created with the process. *** This is the basic method […]

How to Enable an Account for Lync

Description: This is the basic method of how to enable a Lync user within the Lync Control Panel. Open up the Lync Control Panel Click on “Enable user for lync server” to enable a new […]