Fix Root & Intermediate Certificate Store For Me In Bulk please, kthxbi

Fact 1: Trusted Root Certificates belong in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities Store and Intermediate Certificates belong in the Intermediate Certification Authorities Store. Fact 2: Lync Server 2013 on Windows Server 2012 does not like […]

Report My CS Network Details, Bro.

Another useful tool in large enterprise environments is to match all your Lync/Skype CS Network subnets to the sites, regions and bandwidth policies in which they’re associated with into a single report.  This script creates […]

Dude! What’s My CSUnassignedNumber Range?

In large enterprises with 100,000 + owned phone numbers belonging to Lync/Skype For Business Server environments it’s sometimes a need to quickly determine if a specific phone number is within one of the CSUnassignedNumber Ranges. […]

Lync DID/Phone Number Capacity Planning

*Updated 12/6/2016 to correct issue where any range with 100% available resulted in 0.  Now it correctly shows all available. Any large Lync environment that deployed Enterprise Voice likely had the topic of how to […]

Get First X Available DID’s From Unassigned Number Range

This is quite a handy script that will gather the next specified amount of Lync phone numbers (DID’s) within one or more unassigned number ranges.  I also use it as a function for several other […]

Stale / Ghosted / Orphaned SQL Objects in Lync RTCLOCAL

In one of the large enterprise size Lync environments I work with each day I occasionally see an issues with reusing phones numbers / DID’s / LineURIs for Lync Enterprise Voice enabled users causes problems. […]

Search Specific Lync Phone Number(s)

Any Lync admin that manages enterprise size environments will frequently find the daily need to search a phone number and figure out what it is.  Or you could search part of a phone number and […]

Get Lync Assigned Numbers v4.1 (Improved)

I’ve made some improvements to the original script that gathers all actively used numbers based on a Site ID posted to this page.  To summarize it pulls the LineURI from any Lync account type that […]